About us

Liemke Thermal Optics is the embodiment of high-quality thermal night vision imaging. Based in Germany, our company is the market leader when it comes to image quality in thermal night vision devices.

Our products range from handheld thermal imaging monoculars to thermal imaging pre-mounted devices for dual-use as a spotter or attachment to a riflescope and thermal imaging riflescopes.

Handheld thermal night vision devices, found in the Liemke KEILER and Liemke CHALLENGER series, are used to detect and observe game in difficult weather conditions such as in darkness and fog.
While the products of the KEILER series set standards in terms of compactness, robustness and performance, the CHALLENGER line convinces with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Our Liemke MERLIN thermal imaging front attachments can be used as multifunctional or dual-use night vision scopes, either hand-held for observations or as an attachment in front of day optics.
With the help of a clamping adapter, the MERLIN can be attached within seconds to the objective of the riflescope.

Depending on product configuration and legal regulations in your country, our SPERBER products can be used as handheld thermal spotters or as a thermal imaging front attachment for a riflescope.