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Fast Focus Lever for LUCHS-1 and LUCHS-2

The LIEMKE Fast Focus Lever simplifies focusing of the LUCHS-1 and LUCHS-2 enormously. Keep the game in view while focusing!
A small aluminum ring with a big effect - that is the new LIEMKE Fast Focus Lever. Instead of having to move your front hand, thanks to the Fast Focus Lever the optimum focus is set sufficiently with an outstretched thumb. This allows you to change the focus without having to use a lot of force or losing sight of the game.
The LIEMKE Fast Focus Lever is mounted around the focuser and serves as a support for the thumb, which is used to operate the focuser. A mechanical stop also allows you to set your individual standard position. When game approaches and the focus needs to be adjusted, the original focus can then be restored with just a flick of the thumb. This is how the Fast Focus Lever combines speed and accuracy when it counts.
The Fast Focus Lever is equally suitable for left- and right-handed users.

Product no. 80111970