Blaser attachment for the Merlin series


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Blaser attachment for the Merlin series


The new Blaser attachment mount for combining the Blaser 1-7x28 iC riflescope to the Merlin 13, Merlin 35 or Merlin 42.

Making use of the Blaser 1-7x28 iC riflescope's integrated rail, the attachment mount is automatically positioned and aligned when attached, even in complete darkness. Upon closing the clamping lever, the attachment mount is firmly secured onto the objective. This ensures maximum repeatability, even if the thermal front attachments are frequently mounted and removed. With its ideal magnification range for hunting wild boar, the Blaser 1-7x28 iC riflescope is the new universal genius which can fully exploit its strengths, not only during driven hunts and daytime stalking, but also while hunting for wild boar at night.

When connecting the attachment mount to the Blaser 1-7x28 iC riflescope, a recoil stud locks itself into a sturdy cross bracket within the riflescope's rail, thus guaranteeing a precise and repeatable positioning of the thermal spotter every time it is reattached to the riflescope.

More information about the Blaser riflescope can be found at Blaser.de


It is important to observe legal regulations and federal laws in your respective country. In some countries, a pre-mounted device combined with a weapon mount is not a prohibited object. In such cases, it can usually be freely purchased and carried by holders of valid hunting licenses, and even used on shooting ranges, e.g. for the purpose of zeroing the scope.

When used for hunting purposes, the hunting regulations of your respective country will apply.