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The Liemke EULE 19 is a high performance thermal imaging camera for passenger vehicles, which helps you to detect traffic hazards in complete darkness and safely warns you of nearby vehicles, people and animals.

Where headlights usually shine only about 135 meters straight ahead, the EULE 19 detects heat sources even without any light at all, giving you up to four times more visibility of the road ahead. The Liemke EULE 19 significantly improves visibility in the event of dust, smoke or fog on the road to help avoid accidents at an early stage.

The EULE 19 provides more safety while driving by allowing considerably more time to react and thus avoid accidents. The thermal imaging camera is robust and insensitive to all weather conditions.

In accordance with strict regulations, the thermal imager is certified according to IP67 and is protected against dust, water and cold.

A two-poled video cable transmits the analog image to a commercially available monitor.

With its extensive technical features and simple and intuitive operation, the compact EULE 19 thermal imaging camera is a leader in its performance class.

With the purchase of this thermal night vision device, you receive a 3 year warranty.

Bildfrequenz: 50 Hz
Bauart: Festmontage
Größe: mittel bis groß
Auflösung: 384x288 Pixel
Linsengröße: 19mm
Zoom: ohne
Aufnahmefunktion: Nein
Gewicht: bis 800g
Pitch: 17µm
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50 Hz