Clamping Adapter KA-MC


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LIEMKE Clamping Adapter KA-MC


The Liemke KA-MC clamping adapter has been specially developed to attach thermal imaging front attachments to day optics.

The clamping adapter has a very low profile and is perfect for a precise and stable mounting of front attachments to day optics.
The wide clamping surface provides an extra stable hold on the day optics. An additional rubber coating on the inner flange of the adapter protects the outer surface of the device's tube from damage and unsightly scratches.

The KA-MC clamping adapter is available in sizes from 48 - 65 mm.



It is important to observe legal regulations and federal laws in your respective country. In some countries, a pre-mounted device combined with a weapon mount is not a prohibited object. In such cases, it can usually be freely purchased and carried by holders of valid hunting licenses, and even used on shooting ranges, e.g. for the purpose of zeroing the scope.

When used for hunting purposes, the hunting regulations of your respective country will apply.