3x Magnification Booster


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LIEMKE 3x Magnification Booster


The Liemke Booster provides a 3x magnification for multifunctional thermal imaging scopes such as the Liemke MERLIN 35. It can be attached to the ocular of the thermal pre-mounted device by means of a clamping adapter. The resulting magnification provides a large and detailed image when the front attachment is used for night observations.

If the existing clamping adapter has a diameter of 42mm, the booster can be attached to the thermal optic without the Liemke Booster Adapter. However, if the diameter of the clamping adapter is larger, the Liemke Booster Adapter will be required to combine the device with the Liemke Booster. The booster cannot be mounted with clamping adapters smaller than 42mm in diameter.