T3S thermal imaging camera for your smart phone

Attachable Infrared Camera

  • - Small, portable, attachable
  • - Excellent imaging results in the dark
  • - Low power consumption


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Small and portable thermal imaging camera that is easily attachable to your android smart phone! The T3S infrared camera can also be connected to other devices (tablet, PC) using its type C interface. The thermal imaging camera manufactured by Xtherm offers a good image quality in the dark and measures the temperature of the targeted object in real time. High quality detectors, high resolution and high frame rate provide a good detail detectability. The camera has low power consumption and is rechargeable via cable. Flawless observation in the dark due to simple plug & play!

Technical Specifications*

Detector resolution, pixels:  384 × 288
Pixel size, μm: 17
NETD, mK: ≤60@25 ℃,f # 1.0
MRTD, mK: ≤500@25 ℃,f # 1.0
Objective lens, mm: 13 mm
Frame rate, Hz: 25
Operating temperature range: -10℃~+50℃
Temperature measuring range:  -20 ℃ ~+120℃
Temperature measuring accuracy: ± 3 ℃ oder ± 3% of temperature measuring range
Temperature correction: manual / automatic
Power consumption, mW: <500
Weight (with lens), g:  <40
Dimensions (with lens), mm: 49,5 * 26 * 30
Phone compatibility Android: 6.0 or higher
Image enhancement: digital
Image calibration: manual
Colour palettes: white hot / black hot /Multiple pseudi colour options
SDK: Development support
Temperature statistics: support for max./min./center temp. display with up ot three spots statistics
Photo & video: support for photos / video storage
Online software-update: support

Product no. 80409086
Weight: 1.72 kg